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Track The Tag provides turn-key mobile marketing solutions customized for our clients.

Savvy companies and marketers are finding ways to leverage smart phone capabilities into a communication experience that goes beyond yesterdays’ marketing reach.

Benefit from the ability to Measure your results and TRACK your success!

Your mobile campaigns should:

  • Leverage your brand
  • Engage your clients with immersive experiences
  • Offer immediate call to action
  • Provide relevant information
  • Serve content that is location based

Why Choose Us


We have worked with companies and individuals in all industries and have developed hundreds of mobile Tag campaigns. Please help us add you to our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Customized solutions for you

We work with our clients in order to understand the ultimate business objective.  Only then do we develop your mobile campaign to achieve those goals.


You can’t just hope for results.  You need reports and analytics that show which campaigns are most effective and how to better support your audience.  Our campaigns include the analytics that you need.